I Love Technology

Technology is my digital friend. It has allowed me to follow through with an idea that I would not have been able to conceive five years ago (maybe even two years ago)—put some of my stories online in digital format for the entire world to see (and purchase and download and read and love). Starting today, I have made available two options, one full-length piece of fiction and the other a couple of short stories pulled together in one volume. They are electronic books only and are available for download at Amazon and Barnes and Nobles. The descriptions and links are below.

Back, Again:
“Back, Again” is the story of a man who spent his life doing right and, at 45, finds the results wanting. He makes a radical decision in response to his disillusionment and turns his back on his life-long faith, shirking Christianity and denying the existence of God. This isn’t brought on by tragedy or some earth-shattering event; it’s a sober decision based on doubts and disappointments. On the surface, the book deals with the ramifications of his decision and the toll it takes on long-established relationships, mainly with his wife, children and parents. The story also works on deeper levels. It’s a love story between Earl and Ellen. It’s a story of a man in search of himself. It’s a story of redemption.

[That is the official blurb, the one I put out there for agents, publishers and people I don’t know. The more personal explanation of this story is it is a fictional version of my life if I had made a few different decisions and followed through with some of the thoughts I have entertained. Yes, the names are different but that helps make it fiction, right?—no matter how thinly disguised. It is an alternate reality that could have—but did not—happen.]

Back, Again:

Two Short Stories:
“Two Short Stories” by Jay Colle is … well, two short stories. Truth in advertising is alive and well. The first story, “Save Me, Black Jesus,” is a sober look at the prospect of dying told through the eyes of a patient in a hospital. The second story, “Oh, Tanner Baum,” is a humorous look at selecting a Christmas tree told through the eyes of a young boy. The stories are so far apart in tone and concept that they cannot see each other even if they use binoculars. Which is why it makes perfect sense to bundle them together. Seriously. Stop staring at me…

Two Short Stories:

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