Compare and Contrast

There is a whole lot of genetics going on here...

I was scanning through the pictures my daughter took during Thanksgiving and started noticing something that had previously alluded me. I decided to conduct an experiment and see if I was the only one who noticed. Yes, these are photographs of William J. Colle II and William J. Colle III. I present to you Father and Son: One of These Things is JUST Like the Other.


I Have Returned

Hope and I had an incredible eight days in northern California with my brother Kyle and his wife, Shannon. I posted a bunch of pictures on Facebook (go HERE) so check them out if you care to. I took advantage of the hours on the plane to get a kick-start on a story I have been working on for far too long and, frankly, that was a bit of a surprise. Now if I can just find someone who will fly me around for several hours every weekend I may finish the story. Here are a couple of pictures that didn't make it to Facebook:

This picture is of my brother and me, overwhelmed at a winery that looks like a castle. It was an emotional moment, captured wonderfully by my wife.

And here is the lovely photographer, posing dutifully in the lobby of The Carneros Inn, our lodgings in Napa. The entire resort was truly a Pottery Barn catalog come-to-life. 

Thanks for visiting. More updates to come...


I Love Technology

Technology is my digital friend. It has allowed me to follow through with an idea that I would not have been able to conceive five years ago (maybe even two years ago)—put some of my stories online in digital format for the entire world to see (and purchase and download and read and love). Starting today, I have made available two options, one full-length piece of fiction and the other a couple of short stories pulled together in one volume. They are electronic books only and are available for download at Amazon and Barnes and Nobles. The descriptions and links are below.

Back, Again:
“Back, Again” is the story of a man who spent his life doing right and, at 45, finds the results wanting. He makes a radical decision in response to his disillusionment and turns his back on his life-long faith, shirking Christianity and denying the existence of God. This isn’t brought on by tragedy or some earth-shattering event; it’s a sober decision based on doubts and disappointments. On the surface, the book deals with the ramifications of his decision and the toll it takes on long-established relationships, mainly with his wife, children and parents. The story also works on deeper levels. It’s a love story between Earl and Ellen. It’s a story of a man in search of himself. It’s a story of redemption.

[That is the official blurb, the one I put out there for agents, publishers and people I don’t know. The more personal explanation of this story is it is a fictional version of my life if I had made a few different decisions and followed through with some of the thoughts I have entertained. Yes, the names are different but that helps make it fiction, right?—no matter how thinly disguised. It is an alternate reality that could have—but did not—happen.]

Back, Again:

Two Short Stories:
“Two Short Stories” by Jay Colle is … well, two short stories. Truth in advertising is alive and well. The first story, “Save Me, Black Jesus,” is a sober look at the prospect of dying told through the eyes of a patient in a hospital. The second story, “Oh, Tanner Baum,” is a humorous look at selecting a Christmas tree told through the eyes of a young boy. The stories are so far apart in tone and concept that they cannot see each other even if they use binoculars. Which is why it makes perfect sense to bundle them together. Seriously. Stop staring at me…

Two Short Stories:

These are links to download the apps to read the e-books:
Kindle apps:

Nook apps:


Twenty Years

Recently, I was sifting through some old VHS tapes in an effort to convert them over to DVDs. This has been a lengthy, laborious process since we have/had stacks of tapes dating back to the birth of our first child in 1986. (Our first video camera was so large and clunky it looked like it belonged in a television studio and I am surprised we burned so much tape considering the wear and tear on our shoulders. Yes, I said shoulders...) Throughout this process I have made several discoveries:

1. I have a lot of fodder for embarrassing wedding videos as my children marry,
2. We took an awful lot of video of our children as babies... just sitting. (Yet I still find it difficult to edit any of it in the transfer process...),
3. A lot of my friends are still married.

One of the tapes I discovered was a recording of a going away party for Hope and I from 1990. We were moving our young family from Central Florida back to Tallahassee and our core group of friends gathered all of us together for a proper send-off. Besides how young (and thin and hairy) we all looked (uhm, the previous parenthetical statement was aimed at the men ONLY), what jumped out to me was, out of the 13 couples who attended the party (including us), all but one of them are still together.

Twenty years later.

I have no idea why (other than some pretty strong spiritual foundations infused in all of the marriages... okay, that is probably the main reason) but it was nice to see the tape and have that epiphany. Congratulations to my friends. Stay strong. Keep on loving...


Back, Again...

We have had a whirlwind month of August. In brief, Jordan decided to return to Ocean’s Edge School for a second year. It was not a rash decision although, to the casual observer, it seemed that way. He just felt like God placed it on his heart to follow the calling of another year to study and perform with OE’s incredible staff—and to do it now. His original intention was to give Vera a full, uninterrupted year to see how they fared in the rough and tumble music business. As the summer progressed, he sensed the change coming and, eventually, acted upon it. After explaining his reasoning to the guys in the band they were understanding and encouraging, although understandably disappointed. They spent last week in the studio recording some of the new songs they had written and performed at shows over the summer. All indications are the songs sound great and, hopefully, they will share them eventually. It's nice that his drumming for the band will have some shelf life.

So, this past Sunday we packed up the truck once again and sent Jordan southward. Hope and I are a little sad to see him go but are 100% behind his decision. And we cannot wait to see why God called him back to Ft. Lauderdale.


One more time!

Ocean's Edge has released the latest video from the End Of Year CD recording for the Class of 2010. This is the only cover they performed and it is "With Everything" by Hillsong United. It was the showstopping last song at The Show as well. And, oh yeah, my son sings lead vocals... almost forgot to mention that. Enjoy! (And thank you, Hillsong, for writing such a powerful song...)

You can watch the wide screen version here.


The Cone of Silence

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. I am following advice I (and pretty much everyone I know) received as a child: If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all. Well, to be truthful, I basically have not had anything to say, period. Good, bad or indifferent. But I will and soon. I will leave you with this picture. This is me with one of my good buddies, Queen Kara, discussing how we are going to rule our kingdom together. If I remember correctly there will be lots of stuffed animals and sweets. All in favor say "eye."



I lied.

I could not pass the chance to share this one with you. The author is "nazi" and his comment is short and to the point:

what the hell are you talking about?

SPAM. Speaking truth to power.

Okay, just one more...

Sorry, but these SPAM comments are just too good to keep to myself. Remember, these are posted on my portfolio site—lots of pictures, few words.

All I can say is retain it up. This blog is really needed in a time when everybody just wants to talk about how many men and women someones cheated on their wife with. I imply, thanks for bringing intelligence back towards internet, its been sorely missed. Excellent stuff. Please maintain it coming!

As you continue through your week, remember to retain it up!


One more time...

I know this is a fairly lame track to run down but this latest spam comment actually raised the level of robotic, civilian discourse several notches. Bear in mind these "comments" are being dropped on my portfolio site. Visuals only, very little text. Behold my first geriatric spam comment:

LOL is that what you young people would say in this cases? Hello there, i’m a 84 years old grandfather and I’ve just found this website in my browser history. My nephew used my laptop the last time he went here, I believe… he says LOL pretty often but I’ve started to undertand what it means only recently but he’s a good boy after all. Keep doing your best guys, Internet is a real blessing and you have no idea how lucky you are. Best wishes by a old man commenting for the first time

The Internet: Bridging the Generation Gap like no other technology known to man.


A Shout Out...

The school Jordan attended, Ocean's Edge School, decided to record a live concert as the End of Year project for the class of 2010. Of the final five songs selected for the CD, Jordan was fortunate to have a song he wrote included in the mix. The video for "Image of You" was released today by the school and I am happy and proud to share it with you. He shares singing duties with one of his best friends Cameron Couchman. Hope and I were honored to be a part of the filming of the live show and I am excited that the video captured the song so well. Enjoy...


When Life Gives You Lemons...

I don't care if this comment left on my blog is SPAM and was left by someone named wowgoldwizard, I will cherish it and accept it, convinced that someone has finally given me my due. I present to you "The Greatest Comment Ever Left on My Blog:"

Can I just say what a relief to find someone who actually knows what they're talking about on the internet. You definitely know how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More people need to read this and understand this side of the story. I cant believe you're not more popular because you definitely have the gift.

I may have to retire...


Parting Shot

Jordan graduated this past weekend from Ocean's Edge School. It has been a long, short, happy, frustrating, enjoyable, blessed year for all concerned. Friday night was their end-of-year show and it was a very special night of music. Someone took hand held video of the final song and it is posted below. Yes, it is over nine minutes long but, in my opinion (and it is my blog), it is well worth a view. The fact that Jordan sings lead on it has absolutely nothing to do with this recommendation. Seriously. It doesn't. (Okay, maybe a little...)



Blood, Sweat and...

Last night I was standing in the back of a small, steamy bar on The Strip in Tallahassee, Florida, waiting for my youngest son and his band, Vera, to take their place on the tiny stage and play their 30 minute set.

And I was sweating.

It occurred to me how appropriate that was, perspiring and waiting to watch one of my kids do something. You probably think I am about to take off on some metaphorical rant about child-rearing and the “sweat of the brow” but that isn’t what this is about. I am referring to tangible, hat soaking, shirt sticking to your back, droplets breaking loose and rolling freely down legs and backsides sweat. I am also talking about interminable, mind-numbing, I have to quit checking my watch, I thought they were supposed to start 15 minutes ago waiting. Whether it was practices and games on the athletic field or “oh my gosh they forgot to turn the air on again in the auditorium” choir concerts, each child has taken me (please understand, this is “The Royal Me,” which includes my wife) into the cooker on a regular basis. I am sure that raising my kids in Florida has a lot to do with this (okay, it has everything to do with it), but sticky heat has been a constant in my quest to support, encourage and love the three children God allowed me to raise.

And I wouldn’t change a thing. From watching William endure August practices in full pads to Laura deciding to sit down at shortstop because it was too hot (and it was and I will never think less of her for that decision) to sweltering summer baseball games with Jordan—the misery of the moment eventually fades and what is left is a story or two about survival and an occasional victory. And, really, what is a little sweat in the Big Picture? It is why God prompted somebody to invent the hat and another sunscreen and yet another bottled water. And it is why I had to smile last night as I spotted all three of my kids (and Jul makes four) mingling, hugging and sweating in the bar after Vera finished their set. Their preparation has begun...


Go Lightly into the Night

I had a colonoscopy yesterday. Not my first and I doubt it will be my last. In fact, as the doctor reviewed my folder right before the procedure (and the various results of my six previous visits), I suggested they create a "Frequent Probee" card that I could have punched and possibly get my tenth colonoscopy for free, or at least half price. The doctor did not immediately dismiss my idea, although he only offered a possible cut rate on the cost of the prep materials. I will take what I can get.

The reason I have endured so many of these procedures is my mother and her father both had colon cancer. My mom survived; my grandfather did not. Because of the family history, my siblings and I had to start this fun at age thirty and continue it every three (or five) years, depending on results and the mood of the physician. And every year my mom apologizes to me, losing sight of the fact that her ability to actually speak to me as a living person makes my small contribution to preventive medicine worthwhile.

But this year was different. I am 50 years old and I had to rebut her apology by reminding her that, because of my age, I would have been required to schedule a colonoscopy regardless of her. She is finally off the hook and I am glad to relieve her of one third of her burden. My brother and sister, both younger, are not that far behind me (See? I waited until the third graph to make some tacky jokes... I am slowly growing up), so she will be guilt free before she knows it.

And, FYI, I got a clean bill of health and don't have to come back for five years. I think the doctor got nervous about my punch card idea. I am guessing he wasn't serious about cutting me a deal and decided to keep me away for a while. Trust me, I won't forget Dr. TheMan. I won't forget...


Hawaii Happenings: Part Six

The final installment! For metaphorical reasons, I wanted to end this series with our sunset cruise. It was remarkable for two reasons: 1) it was a beautiful night and a very relaxing two hours and 2) Kyle didn’t throw up. As noted before, my brother loves the water and all the potential activities it affords. The problem is his body betrays him. He brings new and rancid meanings to the term “going green” whenever he engages in any activity on the water. The reasons he agreed to join us for this excursion can be chalked up to being a team player and the faint hope that this time may be different. Alas, it wasn’t but we do appreciate his willingness to play along. Enjoy the evening displayed in pictures and thank you for putting up with these, admittedly, non-universally appealing posts. Aloha, ya'll!

Upon our arrival at the pier we discovered we had to ride
an inflatable raft to get to...

...the catamaran that was our main boat for the evening.

Kyle, full of confidence and bravado, climbing on to the boat.
It was the best he looked all night.

Sure, this is a picture of Tallulah and Shannon and the back of Hope's head,
but the real beauty here is Kyle, starting to turn.

Artsy shot (or, "Dang, why is everyone in shadows?")

Aunt Hope and Tallulah singing songs and enjoying the ride.

Our sunset. 
And thus ends Hawaii Happenings...


Hawaii Happenings: Part Five

With only a couple of more updates on the docket (I promised myself I would not drag this out and would do my best to complete it before Hope’s tan fades), in this installment I want to discuss food. My brother and I enjoy eating sushi (our stated goal for the week was to never eat anything that was cooked; we failed but we went down kicking and screaming--or at least with a good pout). My brother’s M.O. is to inform the waiter/waitress that he wants to give the sushi chef carte blanche (is it kosher to use French words when discussing Japanese food?) to prepare anything he/she wants--be creative--and Kyle always lets them know, “We aren’t afraid of anything.” Depending on the mood of the chef, this can be a delightful culinary adventure or a mediocre roll through... well, rolls. We were pretty lucky during our week on the Big Island. We had the opportunity to eat sushi three times (which was a pretty good average over seven days). We enjoyed one spot so much that we made a return trip for our farewell dinner before boarding a plane and flying for 11 hours. (Risky? Probably, but, really, it’s not like any of the dishes can be undercooked.) The following pictures show off some of the dishes we enjoyed (and I wish I could remember what they were but I can’t so you just have to be entertained by the visuals and not gain any raw seafood knowledge in the process). And to all the sushi chefs we tormented with that awful phrase, “yes, we want some more,” I salute you and raise my chopsticks in honor of your creativity and willingness to play along. Bon appetit! (Eh, there I go again...)

Brothers, preparing for battle.

A "sweet shrimp" which was blue and
"tasted like the ocean." I am referring to the piece lying 
across the seaweed, not the fried shrimp head.

Uni (pureed sea urchin) and a quail egg
being introduced to Mr. Shrimp Head.

Goose foie gras sushi.
Yeah, surprised us too...

A smorgasbord of sea life, dead.

A variety of raw stuff, including uni and octopus.

Salmon roe with a quail egg which, when bitten,
shot the eggs all over the inside of your mouth. Incoming!

I am not sure about the type of fish but our instructions
from the chef were to "roll toward the center and grab some eggs."

Tuna, chipotle dressing and tempura crumbles
(i.e. chef gettin' crazy!)

Wasabi headache (amateur!)


A Short Commercial Message

We take a short break from our Hawaiian Happenings series to give you an opportunity to vote. Vera, the band my son plays drums for, has an opportunity this week to make a little history and you can help. Read the following message and see if you can help them out. They pulled a tough week to be listed in the contest since Jack White's wife, Karen Elson, has her video in the contest as well but our rallying cry is "vote early and vote often."

From Vera:
 Our video for "Sound" has been selected in the Top 5 this week for MTVU's "The Freshman," a voting contest online where viewers go online and vote, and at the end of the week the winner is put into rotation on MTVU.
  This is an enormous opportunity for our band, and we need your help!  The majority of the other bands we're going against have been doing this much longer than we have, and if you have kept up with us at all, you know Vera is very new for us... That being said, we need your help getting the word out as well.
  You can vote an unlimited number of times per day, WITHOUT SIGNING UP!  What does that mean?  If you're willing, yes, you can  just refresh the page after every vote and vote again!
  If you guys help us win this by voting and sending this event to all of your friends we will be posting a brand new demo of our new song "Sing Out" online.  We would truly love to share this song with all of you, so help us by voting and send this event to everyone!  Maybe post this event or about the voting in your status.  Anything would help!



Hawaii Happenings: Part Four

We spent the week at the Hilton Waikoloa Village resort which is on the Kona (i.e. dry) side of the island, one part of a cluster of resort hotels, shops and restaurants on the northwest coast. The Hilton resort was massive and, frankly, spectacular. It reminded me of a Disney resort in that everything was manicured, clean and polished (and we could not pass a worker bee without them greeting us with "aloha"). There were several pools with waterfalls, hidden coves, water slides and jacuzzis. We had a choice of restaurants, their very own dolphin encounter and a lagoon where we could snorkel and swim with sea turtles, fish and eels. And we took advantage of everything offered. They even had a gym which I actually used three times during the week. (FYI: I was the only one to do that, securing my nerd status with the rest of the family; I prefer to think of it as conscientious, with a mind toward a healthy lifestyle and reducing my carbon footprint). Of course, nothing could top our favorite part: cabanas with staff walking around taking drink and food orders. Allysa, our hostess all week, was probably very sad to see us check out. The resort was spread out and it could be traversed on foot but they offered trams and boat rides as choices to navigate. We took advantage of all three options, depending on the time of day and our physical status. It was an incredible week. I am posting a few shots to give an overview. Enjoy...

Kyle and Tallulah
The Lagoon Tower pool

The view from our "porch."
Seen daily, accompanied by a cup of coffee and a Diet Coke.

The building in the background is where we stayed.
Our room is on that corner.

The Ocean Tower Pool
This is where we spent the bulk of our time.
(Yes, that is a water slide) Notice cabana's in the far background... home.

Hope and Shannon
One of the paths throughout the resort (most were paved!)

Kyle and lounge chair
The Lagoon
Sorry about the slant; I was probably laying down...


Hawaii Happenings: Part Three

On Tuesday, the ladies went fishing. They chartered a boat for an eight hour sport fishing session, leaving the men to stay ashore with Tallulah. My brother is a strong person but his Achilles heal is the undulating surface of the sea. He loves to fish and go boating but it is not kind to him in any conceivable way. So we sent the ladies out with our blessings and wished them luck. And boy, did they find it. Hope got the first hit of the day and, after feeling inadequate and silly for having so much trouble turning the reel to get the fish to the boat, she ended up vindicated by hauling in a 43-pound Ono (a Wahoo for the non-Hawaiian anglers). Shannon also pulled in a 25-pound Ono and the other people on the boat hauled in three tuna. The captain was kind enough to slice up some of the fish and we enjoyed some fresh sashimi on the hotel porch that night (I just realized that we ate sushi four of the seven nights thereby almost fulfilling my decree that we would eat nothing that was cooked all week). Kyle, Miss T and I did nothing that day, selflessly contributing our energy vicariously to the ladies. What would they do without us? Catch big fish, apparently...

Shannon and Hope, Rod and Reel
April 27, 2010

Hope, when she realized "that fish is big!"
April 27, 2010

Hope and her COTD
April 27, 2010
Lt. Dan seems to be struggling a bit holding up his end...

Shannon and her COTD
April 27, 2010


Hawaii Happenings: Part Two

After a day of acclimation (that seems like it should be upper case for some reason--Day of Acclimation!), we left the calm and secure confines of the resort and ventured out on Monday for an all day excursion to the volcano. We booked the trip through a local company that provided “an opportunity” to ride bikes around the top of the mouth and enjoy a picnic lunch in the process. Kyle and I signed up for bike riding and the girls opted to ride in the van and follow us around.

The day began at 7:45 am when we were picked up at the hotel by the company van (driven by Po [photo 01], the fake Hawaiian from Berkley who was full of authentic Hawaiian knowledge with exact Hawaiian pronunciation-- “The two types of Hawaiian lava differ in appearance but are chemically alike. Pahoehoe has a smoother and ropey surface where `a`a is jagged.”) and driven 2.5 hours to the other side of the island. We made several stops to break up the drive--Kona Coffee Company, a bakery for some donuts [photo 02]--but finally arrived at Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park around 11 am. The eight mile bike ride was fun [photo 03] (and easy--check out the folks we rode with before you get too impressed with our endeavor [photo 04]) and it was a unique way to circle the mouth of the volcano. The company drove us back to the resort the opposite way around the island so we were able to get a great overview of the size (big!) and diversity of The Big Island. Basically, it is half lava rock and half rain forest, a dry side and a wet side. By the end of the day we were more interested in engaging in some civilized dining than exploring other civilizations... but that is for another post.

[photo 01] Po, our driver and guide
Monday, April 26, 2010

[photo 02] Kyle with too many donuts
Monday, April 26, 2010

[photo 03] Brothers in the woods
Monday, April 26, 2010
(I let him win)

[photo 04] The bike team
Monday, April 26, 2010
Can you pick out the very serious biker?

Hope and Jay
Monday, April 26, 2010
Classic "Tourist Shot with Volcano Background"


Hawaii Happenings: Part One

When the trip to Hawaii became reality, I soon realized that I had an unfortunate doctor’s appointment on the Tuesday after we returned (that would be today). I have to visit my dermatologist. The thought of walking into the doctor’s office with a fresh island burn all over my body made me queasy and I was afraid that the doc would cut on me out of spite. (If this thought crossed your mind--“Reschedule!”--then you have just proven you do not go to the dermatologist.) The anticipated appointment put me in a totally different category of vacationer than the rest of my fellow travelers--they worshiped the sun as I avoided it as much as possible. I lathered up twice per day with SPF 50 (using 100 on my face and ears), stayed under a cabana during pool time and always wore a t-shirt and hat (even in the cabana). I still got sun ( it is impossible to avoid unless I stayed inside all day but Hawaiian TV is not that great so that was out of the question) but I fared pretty well, considering. Of course, the true test comes this afternoon during the doctor’s visit but I am writing this in anticipation of success. I’ll let you know.

The Hawaiian Picture of the Day is in celebration of sunscreen and all of it’s blocking beauty. This is my brother asking the rhetorical question, “Is it worked in yet?”

Dr. Kyle Colle
April 26, 2010
Preparing to ride a bike around the volcano

Because you have been such a good audience, I will share another picture with you. Lets call it The Other Hawaiian Picture of the Day. This is me, in the cabana, reading a book, avoiding the sun. (For those interested in minutiae, in this picture I am reading The Girl Who Played With Fire by Stieg Larrson, the second in his trilogy of Swedish strangeness.)

Jay Colle
All Week, 2010
Sad to some, heaven to others...


A case of the Mondays...

I have returned. The land of aloha treated us well (the word "aloha" apparently means 100 different things, reminiscent of the Italian "ciao." I think the closest word we have to that in English is "dude.") but we are very happy to be back stateside. The trip was ridiculously fun and I will post some pictures as I cull through them and begin the editing process. The down side of shooting digital is how indiscriminate and lax you can be with subject matter and self-editing. It will be best if I give them a once (or twice) over before I share. Until then I leave you with this shot of me at the volcano last Monday. I am sure the goddess Pele was not pleased with my lack of respect but, so far, she has not exacted any revenge. At least we didn't bring home any lava rocks...

Monday, April 26, 2010


OTG Redux

This will be my last update for the next eleven days. I understand this may cause some consternation and heartburn to the twelve folks who read this blog and, for that, I apologize. I actually considered contacting you all personally but I realized that would break the illusion that I am catering to a larger audience than actually exists so I have opted to make this announcement publicly.

“What’s going on?”

Thank you for asking. My wife and I have been offered a chance to accompany my brother and his wife (and daughter--can’t forget Miss T) to Hawaii for a week. We said, “Yes.” Now, don’t hate (although it would be easy to cave in to your initial emotional response). We leave Saturday morning and will return next Sunday. Obviously, we are excited although, having never been there, we are basing the excitement on photos displayed on websites (thank you, A.P. Stylebook), other people’s personal anecdotes and fond memories of Hawaii Five-O (Zulu as Kono! Kam Fong as Chin Ho!).

Now we are ready to make our own memories. My typical M.O. for a trip is to document with daily updates to this blog and whatever other social media outlet I can abuse to keep folks that are interested up-to-date. But not this time. I have decided to go off the grid, relax, read, enjoy my wife and hosts and not deal with the pressure of updates until I come home. All I am taking is my camera and some books (I am still e-reader poor) and if I feel compelled to write, I will embrace my inner Luddite and use a pen and a notebook. I am not even going to take my laptop. (Okay, I admit my hands were shaking when I typed that last sentence but I will carry through with my plan no matter the physical reaction to the separation.) I pray it will be as refreshing and mind-clearing as I anticipate.

“You said you’re leaving Saturday. Why are you posting this today?”

I am so proud of my perceptive audience. Tomorrow we are going to Orlando to watch Vera play in the Bonded Records showcase at The Social in Orlando. It is part of the Florida Music Festival being held this weekend. In fact, Vera has a very busy weekend (see the links below) and, if you are in the Central Florida area, you should try to see them play. Sunday night is free, by the way, if that helps (and it should--I know my audience). Alas, we will be returning to Tallahassee on Friday to prepare for our trip but we’re thankful to get to see them perform on Thursday.

Now you know.  Thanks for stopping by...

Vera’s Weekend Schedule:
Thursday Night: http://www.reverbnation.com/artist/index/weareVERA#/show/2099220
Friday Night: http://www.floridamusicfestival.com/film/fmf_indie_film_jam_2010/
Sunday Night: http://www.vimeo.com/11086902


A Thousand Words (Implied)

Jordan, Hard Rock Cafe, April 18, 2010

Vera played this past weekend at the Hard Rock in Orlando as part of the semi-finals for the Ambassadors of Rock Battle of the Bands. They won last night and play again this coming Sunday, facing off against the other two victorious semi-finalists. The winner moves on. I say all that just so I can have an excuse to post this picture of Jordan, preparing for the sound check last night. His friend Erik took the picture from backstage. I realize it was just a quick phone capture but, man, it captured so much. The waiting, the anticipation, the spotlight, the empty venue, the soon to be frantic feet curled around the stool... Maybe it is just me but I wanted to share just in case it wasn't. Enjoy...


Ode to Hope

I saw her one morning at church and vowed to learn her name. A year later we met. One week later we went on our first date. What jumped out at me that night was how perfectly our hands fit together. Three months later we were engaged. Eleven months after our first date we were married. That is the first picture.

10,220 days have passed.

The kids are moved out so we had to adjust to the quiet. She finally succumbed to glasses and we had to adjust our kissing angles. We’ve lost friends and family members so we had to adjust our relationships. We are more forgetful so we had to adjust to lists.  But the hands still fit together perfectly, no adjustment there. The smiles are coming from a deeper place, the joy is earned. That is the second picture.

April 10. Happy anniversary, Hope. Thanks for saying yes (and grabbing my hand).


Day in the Life: My Sketchbook, Round Twelve

Once more, into the church sketchbook breach. This one is from one month later and we are still in 1 Corinthians. (Yes, our church goes through the Bible verse-by-verse, we are not in a hurry.) This spread covers several teaching sessions from September 20 through October 11 but not everything on the page synches with what was being espoused from the pulpit. The robot is back, there is reference to a worship song (Hillsong!) and God is a black man which makes my Visual of Controversy even more controversial. Excuse me, is that one guy hugging a missile or a tube of lipstick? So much to see, so little that makes sense...

September 20 -October 11, 2009
(click on the art to see it gigantic on your screen!)


Day in the Life: My Sketchbook, Round Eleven

Today we are delving into a whole 'nother area of my sketchbook collection: Church Notes Edition. Yes, I have separate sketchbooks for taking notes in church (doesn't everyone?). This revelation (note my use of spiritual jargon to make a point or at least allude to deeper spiritual things) may help you understand why my wife has learned to have a love/hate relationship with all the "little books" laying around the house. They are legion (there I go again—I just can't help myself!). Moving on...

This first example is from last August and our pastor was teaching from 1 Corinthians. Combine my deep insights into chapter seven with robots, levels and rough sketch ideas for a Halloween Hallelujah Harvest tract ("Sanctified Sweets or Jujubes for Jesus") and it's a smorgasbord of wackiness (which, sadly, is an accurate, visual display of my brain on a daily basis). I'm not sure why I keep posting this stuff. I don't have that many friends and this can't be helping but, regardless, I may post one more tomorrow. And in case you are wondering, yes, I do listen while I doodle in my book. Actually, I listen better when I doodle (which could be faulty wiring but Mike Holmes has not returned my call).

Coming Friday: A Very Special Post (hint: my 28th wedding anniversary is Saturday)

August 26, 2009
(click on the art to see it gigantic on your screen!)