A Short Commercial Message

We take a short break from our Hawaiian Happenings series to give you an opportunity to vote. Vera, the band my son plays drums for, has an opportunity this week to make a little history and you can help. Read the following message and see if you can help them out. They pulled a tough week to be listed in the contest since Jack White's wife, Karen Elson, has her video in the contest as well but our rallying cry is "vote early and vote often."

From Vera:
 Our video for "Sound" has been selected in the Top 5 this week for MTVU's "The Freshman," a voting contest online where viewers go online and vote, and at the end of the week the winner is put into rotation on MTVU.
  This is an enormous opportunity for our band, and we need your help!  The majority of the other bands we're going against have been doing this much longer than we have, and if you have kept up with us at all, you know Vera is very new for us... That being said, we need your help getting the word out as well.
  You can vote an unlimited number of times per day, WITHOUT SIGNING UP!  What does that mean?  If you're willing, yes, you can  just refresh the page after every vote and vote again!
  If you guys help us win this by voting and sending this event to all of your friends we will be posting a brand new demo of our new song "Sing Out" online.  We would truly love to share this song with all of you, so help us by voting and send this event to everyone!  Maybe post this event or about the voting in your status.  Anything would help!


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