A Book Review

The Hole in Our Gospel
Richard Stearn

The Hole in Our Gospel is a two-fer. The first part is about Mr. Stearn’s transition from a successful corporate CEO of Lenox to leading World Vision, a Christian aid organization that battles worldwide poverty and injustice. Frankly, the first part was more interesting to me than the second. Something about the rhetoric bothered me when it moved into the latter pages, what I felt was the “Scolding and Tut-Tutting” section of the book. Initially, I assumed my annoyance was Spirit-led and that I should take my conviction like a man. But I then realized that, no, I was just annoyed that someone else was trying to guilt me into doing things their way and if I didn’t, well, shame on me. I have no reason to doubt that Mr. Stearn (and World Vision) are doing wonderful things across the globe. What I doubt is that Mr. Stearn has any idea what my church is doing to combat poverty in my home town and in the areas globally that we support through our missionaries. The broad brush of “shame on you, American church” was unfair and offensive. The book has merit and I would recommend it for the fascinating personal story of Mr. Stearn’s journey. Just know that the second part has the ability to inspire or disappoint.

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