I Have Returned

Hope and I had an incredible eight days in northern California with my brother Kyle and his wife, Shannon. I posted a bunch of pictures on Facebook (go HERE) so check them out if you care to. I took advantage of the hours on the plane to get a kick-start on a story I have been working on for far too long and, frankly, that was a bit of a surprise. Now if I can just find someone who will fly me around for several hours every weekend I may finish the story. Here are a couple of pictures that didn't make it to Facebook:

This picture is of my brother and me, overwhelmed at a winery that looks like a castle. It was an emotional moment, captured wonderfully by my wife.

And here is the lovely photographer, posing dutifully in the lobby of The Carneros Inn, our lodgings in Napa. The entire resort was truly a Pottery Barn catalog come-to-life. 

Thanks for visiting. More updates to come...