Hawaii Happenings: Part Six

The final installment! For metaphorical reasons, I wanted to end this series with our sunset cruise. It was remarkable for two reasons: 1) it was a beautiful night and a very relaxing two hours and 2) Kyle didn’t throw up. As noted before, my brother loves the water and all the potential activities it affords. The problem is his body betrays him. He brings new and rancid meanings to the term “going green” whenever he engages in any activity on the water. The reasons he agreed to join us for this excursion can be chalked up to being a team player and the faint hope that this time may be different. Alas, it wasn’t but we do appreciate his willingness to play along. Enjoy the evening displayed in pictures and thank you for putting up with these, admittedly, non-universally appealing posts. Aloha, ya'll!

Upon our arrival at the pier we discovered we had to ride
an inflatable raft to get to...

...the catamaran that was our main boat for the evening.

Kyle, full of confidence and bravado, climbing on to the boat.
It was the best he looked all night.

Sure, this is a picture of Tallulah and Shannon and the back of Hope's head,
but the real beauty here is Kyle, starting to turn.

Artsy shot (or, "Dang, why is everyone in shadows?")

Aunt Hope and Tallulah singing songs and enjoying the ride.

Our sunset. 
And thus ends Hawaii Happenings...


Jana said...

I have enjoyed my brief visit to the Island via my Colle's!!! Great photos and the stories to go along with them!

mycotn said...

Hey Jay. Thanks for posting your Hawaii Happenings. Glad you went. Glad you're back. Onward!