Hawaii Happenings: Part One

When the trip to Hawaii became reality, I soon realized that I had an unfortunate doctor’s appointment on the Tuesday after we returned (that would be today). I have to visit my dermatologist. The thought of walking into the doctor’s office with a fresh island burn all over my body made me queasy and I was afraid that the doc would cut on me out of spite. (If this thought crossed your mind--“Reschedule!”--then you have just proven you do not go to the dermatologist.) The anticipated appointment put me in a totally different category of vacationer than the rest of my fellow travelers--they worshiped the sun as I avoided it as much as possible. I lathered up twice per day with SPF 50 (using 100 on my face and ears), stayed under a cabana during pool time and always wore a t-shirt and hat (even in the cabana). I still got sun ( it is impossible to avoid unless I stayed inside all day but Hawaiian TV is not that great so that was out of the question) but I fared pretty well, considering. Of course, the true test comes this afternoon during the doctor’s visit but I am writing this in anticipation of success. I’ll let you know.

The Hawaiian Picture of the Day is in celebration of sunscreen and all of it’s blocking beauty. This is my brother asking the rhetorical question, “Is it worked in yet?”

Dr. Kyle Colle
April 26, 2010
Preparing to ride a bike around the volcano

Because you have been such a good audience, I will share another picture with you. Lets call it The Other Hawaiian Picture of the Day. This is me, in the cabana, reading a book, avoiding the sun. (For those interested in minutiae, in this picture I am reading The Girl Who Played With Fire by Stieg Larrson, the second in his trilogy of Swedish strangeness.)

Jay Colle
All Week, 2010
Sad to some, heaven to others...


Paige said...

Definitely Heaven to me!!!

carO__ said...

i love your blog- and your writing! is that book part of the same series as the girl with the dragon tatoo? (if i'm wrong and the book i just said is totally creepy just ignor this comment- i constantly see that book on the best seller list and took a guess!)

Jaysephus said...

One and the same. I will begin the third book of the trilogy soon. I believe it is called The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest.