Day in the Life: My Sketchbook, Round Eleven

Today we are delving into a whole 'nother area of my sketchbook collection: Church Notes Edition. Yes, I have separate sketchbooks for taking notes in church (doesn't everyone?). This revelation (note my use of spiritual jargon to make a point or at least allude to deeper spiritual things) may help you understand why my wife has learned to have a love/hate relationship with all the "little books" laying around the house. They are legion (there I go again—I just can't help myself!). Moving on...

This first example is from last August and our pastor was teaching from 1 Corinthians. Combine my deep insights into chapter seven with robots, levels and rough sketch ideas for a Halloween Hallelujah Harvest tract ("Sanctified Sweets or Jujubes for Jesus") and it's a smorgasbord of wackiness (which, sadly, is an accurate, visual display of my brain on a daily basis). I'm not sure why I keep posting this stuff. I don't have that many friends and this can't be helping but, regardless, I may post one more tomorrow. And in case you are wondering, yes, I do listen while I doodle in my book. Actually, I listen better when I doodle (which could be faulty wiring but Mike Holmes has not returned my call).

Coming Friday: A Very Special Post (hint: my 28th wedding anniversary is Saturday)

August 26, 2009
(click on the art to see it gigantic on your screen!)

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