Back, Again...

We have had a whirlwind month of August. In brief, Jordan decided to return to Ocean’s Edge School for a second year. It was not a rash decision although, to the casual observer, it seemed that way. He just felt like God placed it on his heart to follow the calling of another year to study and perform with OE’s incredible staff—and to do it now. His original intention was to give Vera a full, uninterrupted year to see how they fared in the rough and tumble music business. As the summer progressed, he sensed the change coming and, eventually, acted upon it. After explaining his reasoning to the guys in the band they were understanding and encouraging, although understandably disappointed. They spent last week in the studio recording some of the new songs they had written and performed at shows over the summer. All indications are the songs sound great and, hopefully, they will share them eventually. It's nice that his drumming for the band will have some shelf life.

So, this past Sunday we packed up the truck once again and sent Jordan southward. Hope and I are a little sad to see him go but are 100% behind his decision. And we cannot wait to see why God called him back to Ft. Lauderdale.

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Julie Browning said...

We can't wait to see either! Go Jordan!