Entry Two

Josh walked into the conference room at precisely 8:28 am, two minutes ahead of the scheduled start of his training class. He walked across the room to an empty chair, silently noting the consistency of the early birds grabbing the seats closest to the door. After following the directions written on the white board for logging the desktop computer sitting in front of him into the training server, he settled into a long morning of dull stats and tedious class discussion. The lack of any sense of humor was palpable, both from the teacher and his classmates. During one exercise, the students were asked to apply a formula to a group of figures they had created which resulted in a variety of answers. The instructor asked people to raise their hands if their answers matched those he called out. He concluded the exercise by stating, “It looks like we ended up with three two’s, four one’s and two none’s.” Josh responded by saying, “And God bless the work you do, sisters.” The room was so silent that his thoughts about an early lunch carried an echo.

All words and images ©2005/J. Colle

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