One Year Ago Today...

One year ago today, the band Vera performed their first public show at the Crowbar in Tampa, Florida. I was in attendance (drummer groupie) and videotaped their short set (they were the opener and were allowed to play a whopping 15 minutes—three songs). At the time, the management company overseeing Vera’s progress asked that I not post the videos because they had a marketing plan in place for the band so I was content to keep the videos private and just share them with friends and family.

That was then. This is now.

Although the band is no longer together (R.I.P.), I wanted to commemorate the short but promising career of the band by finally sharing the videos with the world (or at least the few people that this text will cross their path). Rewatching them today I am still impressed with how well they played considering it was their first live show as a band (and that it sounds pretty good even though I was videotaping on a small digital camcorder). I hope you enjoy this little bit of music history and remember what was, no matter how briefly their star got to shine...

Song One: Sound

Song Two: Second Song (It was never given a name and the fact that it was played second during this set meant that it was always referred to as “Second Song.”)

Song Three: Blue, Forever (Still my favorite song of theirs...)

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