The Magic Ticket

I am currently happily involved in a new project with author Ryan Sprague called “The Magic Ticket.” I provide the illustrations for a series of stories about a young boy and the adventures he has with his dad, magically traveling around the country to cities and venues known for their places in college football history. Here is the official “blurb” from the website:

Andrew Camp had no idea his grandfather left him and his father a gift. A magic ticket that takes them on a series of journeys to the meccas of college football. In a race against time, the Camp's must answer questions and solve a riddle to receive the true surprise their grandfather has waiting. Will they accomplish their goals? Will their grandfather accomplish his?

For fifteen weeks, join Andrew and his dad as they jump in the the Red Sea in Lincoln, wake up the echos in South Bend, and see Osceola plant the spear in Tallahassee. 

          Go Blue!, War Eagle!, and Boomer Sooner!
                    Nittany Lions, LSU Tigers, and the Bear... Whoa Nellie. 

It's a college football fan's dream season and a story children will love.

Read The Magic Ticket.

We start this week (Thursday, September 1) so sign up and enjoy the season in a new way. 

Website (with a “bonus” post about me): http://www.magicticketjourneys.com/

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