From Three to Four

The first born of a first born of a first born and the first grandchild and great grandchild in the immediate Colle family circle sounds like it could carry with it a lot of pressure, but my oldest child has been up for the challenge since day one. Granted, he was 19 days late entering this world and his head was... well, large, and proved to be a bit of a problem for his mom that wonderful afternoon 26 years ago. And that was about the last time he gave either of us any trouble. Among his many talents and gifts, he has made us look like incredible parents and for that we will always be eternally grateful.

Today he turns 26 years old and I want to thank him for carrying our name with such class and for the not-so-small thing of bringing a wonderful addition to our clan named Julianne. She is a guarantee of his refined taste and that our family is in good hands for at least one more generation. Happy Birthday, William Jacob Colle IV. I love you and am more proud of you than you will ever know. 

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Krista said...

I wholeheartedly agree. He has become a great young man.