The Prodigal Post

In case anyone noticed, I took the month of July off, deliberately staying away from all kinds of digital input, affording myself a chance to clean out the gutters and reevaluate what needs to stay and, more importantly, what needs to go in my little cocoon. (Yes, my cocoon has gutters, but they weren't cheap.) I won't bore you with the details, not because it wasn't a successful exercise—it was—but because to spout off about this type of activity can start sounding self-absorbed and entirely too navel gazing for my taste (and, I assume, yours). Let's just leave it at this: I learned some things and I changed some things. It was worth it.

In trying to determine what should stay or go, I never really considered dropping this blog. I have been posting here since 2005 so it garnered style points for longevity and that was enough to keep it around. What I had to reevaluate was the content. Forever it has been a smörgåsbord (yes, my cocoon is decorated by Ikea) of any and everything, not really having an identity aside from its attachment to my brain, as fragile and tenuous as that can be. I have tried out new story ideas, posted drawings, family photos, teased you with obnoxious vacation photos and dropped the occasional thoughtful screed when it felt right to do so. That tradition may still go on but I have decided to give myself something to write about. A theme to write to and build upon. Something to keep me interested with the distinct possibility of it having the exact opposite effect on you. But I am willing to take that risk, whether you ride along or not. And the subject will be unveiled tomorrow so return to this spot if you are interested. I may actually talk about my cocoon some more.

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Krista said...

I missed you here! Can't wait to follow along on the next journey.
Krista your Sista