The High Calling Newsletter: A Review

I am confident that I am not the only Christian in America who has had the following scenario play out in their cubicle: In the waning hours of a long, grueling day at work, your eyes cannot seem to look away from the stack of marked up documents on the edge of your desk, their existence a reminder that you will be working over the weekend. Again. The only internal argument you can muster is the same one you have waged for years. “This can't be all there is. I am wasting my time here. I should be doing something more important with my life, something more noble. I need to find a job at a church or with a mission group. I need to be in full time ministry...'

The High Calling newsletter exists as a reminder to all of us wistful and frustrated worker drones that we are in full time ministry and our mission field is our workplace. They are a valuable resource to arm us for “battle”--in both obvious and unusual ways. Each article is short which is critical for people with little extra time. The subject matter runs from the practical to articles dealing with our wistful nature, allowing us to dream a little in the midst of the mundane. There is also a variety of writers, each with their own voice, that keeps the rhythm lively and staves off staleness. Each author is archived so, if you find someone you connect with, it is easy to find more of their essays. There is also variety in the method of disseminating the information with audio and video options. Adding transcripts and summaries is a welcome extra since it is not always practical to listen or watch.

More than anything the information is encouraging. The content comes from a place of understanding what the readers are dealing with, whether they are a CEO, supervisor or just entering the “secular” work force. There is no guarantee that every article will apply to your situation or your taste but perusing the content will give you plenty to think about and apply as you traverse your own office space mission field.

Disclaimer: I was compensated to provide an unbiased review of this product.

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