Faux Famous Free Fiction Friday!

It’s Friday so I figured I might as well give away some more fiction. After all, Free Fiction Wednesday suffers from its lack of perfect alliteration. So, today is Free Fiction Friday and it is your lucky day because today is a two-fer. I have bundled two short stories together for the “price” of one. And since it is free, that makes it even cheaper (or should I say “less expensive”?)! And the best part? They are short. For all of you that were hesitant to read “Adam Mahoney...” because it was a novel, this will be perfect for you. Short stories. Short. Not long at all. Go forth and read!

Two Short Stories:
“Two Short Stories” by Jay Colle is … well, two short stories. Truth in advertising is alive and well. The first story, “Save Me, Black Jesus,” is a sober look at the prospect of dying told through the eyes of a patient in a hospital. The second story, “Oh, Tanner Baum,” is a humorous look at selecting a Christmas tree told through the eyes of a young boy. The stories are so far apart in tone and concept that they cannot see each other even if they use binoculars. Which is why it makes perfect sense to bundle them together. Seriously. Stop staring at me…

To make it easy, I am supplying it in three formats: Mobi for your Kindle, ePub for iBook (and most everyone else) and as a PDF for those who may want to print or bypass an ebook reader. Download the version you prefer (or all three, I don’t mind) and enjoy. If you like it, I ask that you consider two things:
  1. Let me (and the world) know by leaving a comment on this page and
  2. Pass it on to other people who might also enjoy reading it (include this email with the download information).
That’s it. Simple Simon. Free fiction for all. Download and enjoy!

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