Free Fiction, No Strings Attached.

I have recently completed a novel. Yeah, yeah, everyone is a writer. I know, it is cliche and predictable. What isn’t predictable is that I am giving it away. Yes, you read that correctly, it is yours for free if you want it. So, what is it about? This:

Adam Mahoney enjoyed a normal existence in a normal town, minding his normal business, okay with being normal. He wakes one morning to discover his new normal is a life that has never been lived, much less successfully navigated. Everything he has known and is comfortable with is taken away. Faced with unlimited possibilities, what will he choose? How will he respond when he knows that no one else could possibly be affected by any action he takes? Can any choice be labelled selfish when he's the last man standing on the face of the earth?

To make it easy, I am supplying it in three formats: Mobi for your Kindle, ePub for iBook (and most everyone else) and as a PDF for those who may want to print or bypass an ebook reader. Download the version you prefer (or all three, I don’t mind) and enjoy. (Right click the desired link and select Save link as... from your options, then select a place on your computer to download the file.)

If you like it, I ask that you consider two things, okay, maybe three:
  1. Let me (and the world) know by leaving a comment on this page or the Facebook page and
  2. Pass it on to other people who might also enjoy reading it (include this email with the download information) then
  3. Go like the Facebook Fan Page for the book and "Like" it. 

That’s it. Simple Simon. Free fiction for all. Download and enjoy!


Ryan P said...

Looking forward to it. Thank you.

Laura Jean's Pies said...

AMAZING! felt like I was actually there with Adam, just looking over his shoulder the whole time.