Daily Detritus: Day Nine

Pam’s mother walked to the pantry and, after a few seconds of rummaging around, pulled together a startling potpourri of snacks. Most were bags of chips, crackers and nuts with very little content, just enough to keep them around.

“Mom, do you ever throw anything away?”

“Sure I do, when the bags get empty.” She deposited the pile on the kitchen counter and began sorting. “Why would I do it any sooner? That would be wasteful.”

Pam could only shake her head in recognition. She was so much like her mom that the answer to her previous question was actually redundant. She sat quietly as her mom unclipped bags and emptied their contents on a platter, creating a dry, dusty, stale appetizer assortment, supposedly for her to enjoy.

“Come sit at the table with me. Those chairs at the bar are too uncomfortable.” Her mom placed the platter between them, sat and lifted her wine glass in a toast. “To survival. To family. To friends.”

She took a small sip, set the glass down and looked Pam in the eyes and asked, “Now, what’s up?”

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Anonymous said...

"Well, did you hear what happen to Robbie?"

"Robbie?" Pam's mom said rather surprised. "Robbie? Our next door neighbor, Robbie? He was just here yesterday morning."

"Right, well, you know how we've been hearing him making a lot of noise lately in his garage working on something? It turns out that it was a rocket pack. He built a rocket pack and tried using it in Douglas Park to sled down that monsterous hill."

"What??!!" Pam's mom was shocked and confused.

Pam continued, "It didn't go so well. He's in the hospital with really bad burns. I heard things didn't go so good."

Pam's mom jumped up from the table, "I'm going to the hospital now! Do you want to come?"

Pam was rather surprised at her mom's reaction. "Uh, sure I'll come." Pam was curious why her mom became so emotional about a guy she hardly even knew, or was there something she wasn't telling her?

Laura Jean said...

As the gathered their things and rushed tot the car, or rather Pam trying to keep up with her mom, Pam was trying to figure out why her mom cared this much. Was it a sad thing? sure. Was it a terrible idea? um, yes. But she didn't even know who Pam was talking about until she clarified. So why the hurry?

Once in the car, as Pam's mom sped down the highway, she pondered different thoughts of why her moms reaction was so dramatic.

Her mom picked up speed and as she took the next corner, Pam held onto the dashboard, preventing herself from hitting the door.

"Mom- what is going on? You didn't even know Robbie that well. Why no just send flowers or a phone call?"

Her mom continued to concentrate on the road ahead and finally they were forced to stop as they hit the major intersection. Saved by a red light.

"Mom- tell me the truth? what is going on?"

As Sandra took a deep breath she looked over at her daughters face. Curiosity and bewilderment were showing through all her questions. she had to tell her. she had hoped it would have been a better situation or timing. But...

"There is no time like the present I guess."

"Guess what mom?" For years Pam had doubts and questions of what her mother told her of her past. nothing ever matched up completely and it always seemed just though up. But she never thought to question it out loud- it was her mother after all. But now...

"Robbie is your half brother."

The light turned Green.

Anonymous said...

Pam's body collapsed in the seat with her hands holding her head in disbelief. "Oh my!" That's all she could say, her mind spun like a ferris wheel.

Sandra continue driving but her pace had slowed a bit. "After your father left, when you were just a toddler, the Patterson's moved in next door. Mr. Patterson's wife died in a terrible accident about a year later. I was sympathetic and reached out. It was an awful time but we became friends."

"Isn't that about the same time Daddy showed up?" Pam had a vivid memory of that day.