Daily Detritus: Day Thirteen

The huddle of humans gathered near the large oak tree, located on the east side of the building. Their smoke break was allowed but regimented, exactly fifteen minutes, so the conversation was minimal between puffs and drags. Joey mindlessly toed a pile of leaves near the base of the tree, hoping to get two cigarettes in before having to head back to his cubicle. His boot nudged something hard and he pushed away the leaves to discover the rear of a small, blue, toy car sticking out of the dirt. He leaned down, grabbed it and pushed it side to side until it was free.

He held it up, brushed off the excess dirt and flipped open the driver’s side door with his thumb.

“A Gran Torino.”

Joey looked over at Peggy, surprised at her knowledge. “How do you know that?”

“I used to own one, back in the day.” She chuckled and held her hand out, wordlessly asking to get a closer look at the car. Joey gave it to her and asked, “How long did you have it?”

“A couple of years.” She held the toy with two fingers and turned it, inspecting all sides as she pulled a draw on her cigarette. “I wrecked it.”

Joey waited a few seconds for an explanation but grew impatient. “So what happened?”

Peggy rubbed her cigarette into the sand in the large concrete ash tray, looked at Joey and said, “Now that’s a funny story...”

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Anonymous said...

It all strated one day in South Florida when my best friend Gail and I were on our way back from the beach- it was about 4:30 and it was hot, we were burnt to a crisp but loving it as we were preparing for our Friday night out on the town and knew we had to have ther freshest tan. As we headed home we were traveling down A1A sipping on a cold soda when out of nowhere the huge massive.....

Paige said...

Elephant got directly in our path!

"Wait, wait wait!" said Joey. "Are you kidding me an elephant! You are pulling my leg!"

"I wish I was," said Peggy. "It had escaped from the zoo, but keep listening and then ask questions! Where was I, oh yeah, the elephant. So we swerved around the elephant barely and my best friend and I just looked at each other and started laughing. I mean who would believe that absurd event? But just as our laugh tears were about to dry up then we saw it...