Daily Detritus: Day Ten

Monica closed her bedroom door and slowly, quietly, slid the lock in place. She turned, leaned back against the door and closed her eyes. It had been an awful day and she needed a few minutes to collect herself before dinner. She inhaled a lung filling amount of air, held it for the count of twenty and then slowly let it escape her pursed lips. The tears followed.

She wiped her eyes and walked to her bed, sat down and opened the drawer of her night stand. Monica cherished the small book. It was the one place she could be honest and unashamed with no fear of reprisal. She fumbled with the tiny lock, using a finger nail to spin the three numbers to their proper places. With pen in hand she opened the cover and stopped at a flash of pink on the front page. It was a small note stuck in the middle of the inside front cover and her breathing went shallow knowing she had not left it there.

The note was written hastily, but legible, and it stated, “You should be ashamed of yourself. And you will be. Go to www.monicasdiary.com to see what everyone else is reading.”

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Paige said...

Frantically, Monica raced to her computer, pulled up the internet and went to the website. What she found there was horrifying!

All her personal thoughts, feelings, EVERYTHING was there for all the world to see!

Who could have done this? Who hated her that much to humiliate her like this?

Monica could think of only one person sick enough to do this, Erica. She picked up her cell phone and dialed.

mycotn said...

The pause between each ring seemed an eternity, allowing a flood of turbulent memories to return. Though they'd shared the same small room since childhood, Monica and her sister had each held tightly to just about everything else.