Day in the Life: My Sketchbook, Round Ten

Let's clean our palate from yesterday's entry, shall we? To help scrub our subconscious I will stay with 2004, January 5th to be precise. Whenever I feel down, I can't help but get peppy again when I hang out with Christian Man and Dogma (even if the one drawing is a rather funkified version of CM... not sure what was going on there. Maybe he was on the South Beach Diet at the time?). And do not ask me to explain the spitting gorilla. I just won't do it. Enjoy the doodles and check out much more from CM&D at their Web site.

January 5, 2004
(click on the art to see it gigantic on your screen!)

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Paige said...

You should totally do a one-off on man.vs.food with christian man!