Day in the Life: My Sketchbook, Round Three

I am staying in 1993, once again, for today's post. It does seem like a long time ago and, for me, seeing some of these doodles bring back a lot of memories. Admittedly, some are not all that positive but—if you'll allow me to get philosophical for a sentence or two—they are all part of my journey. The positive and the negative combine to forge who I have become (good, bad or ugly). And that is the case for everyone (yes, you too). We deal with every situation different and, hopefully, we get better at absorbing the blows. That may be why I keep all of these notebooks, as a reminder of all that has come before (although my wife may argue it is more of a compulsive hatred for throwing anything away).

Today, the reasons do not matter. What is important is that you look over this entry, study it and tell me what you see. Answer the question, "What the heck were you thinking?"

And, once again, good luck with that.

Some Random Day, 1992
(click on the art to see it gigantic on your screen!)


Jana said...

You must have been in a spiritual battle? As the birds in the Bible are symbols of evil. That's my take on why all the birds but, they are drawn to perfection. As usual!

Anonymous said...

I'm not as spiritual as Jana, that's obvious to me, but I was thinking that you were working on some logo or badge for some wildlife agency or group. I like the pelican movement sketches; it could work for flip cards.
But now, the PUSH sketch may be something totally different. In the process of drawing the birds maybe you were just wanting to "push" through to the idea that you needed for the concept.
Also, I like the aerial, side and underwater view of the birds. Great perspectives!

Paige said...

I like the Pelicans! I think they are fascinating birds...graceful, yet clumsy. I once had a pelican barely miss running into me on a boat.

Kahlua Keeping Koala said...

PUSH: pray until something happens.. perhaps the cords being broken and you being set free.

Pelicans: Too much time at the beach. In subsequent years, those same pelicans attacked during the baptism in retaliation for the questionable representation of their kind.