Day in the Life: My Sketchbook, Round Two

Well, yesterday was fun, wasn't it? Instead of subjecting you to another sketchbook page from the present, I thought it would be interesting to dig into the past and drop some extreme sketchbook love on you. Today (and possibly the next few days, depending on response--pressure!) will come at you from 1992. Look it over, study it and then try to interpret what I was thinking/working on when I laid down these lines. Leave your thoughts/guesses/hypotheses in the comments.

And, uhm, good luck with that...

November, 1992
(click on the art to see it gigantic on your screen!)


Anonymous said...

It's a left brain, right brain thing. I forget which side does what but obviously one side is kind of in idle mode while the other side is partying down.. whoo! hoo!

I'm not too sure of the significance of the road except maybe a symbol of just being on the road of life.

Dave Fiore said...

"Achy Break Heart speaks to me. Where is the nearest place I can do the 'Tush Push'? I loathe myself."