Entry Fifty-six: Save Me, Black Jesus

[A story in many parts: Part Seven of Thirteen]

Chapter Four
Had a visit from Hector today. He left a few minutes ago. It was pretty strange because after his usual monologue about how his family was doing he started babbling on about “visual stimulation” and “meaningful inner experiences.” I guess he’d been doing some research on my behalf but it was nutty sounding to me. He told me he had asked Eve’s permission to try a little experiment and she’d told him to go for it. I had no idea what to expect but in a million years I would’ve never guessed what he did next. He moved out of my site for a few minutes and then I saw him stringing strands of little lights all around my bed, weaving them in and out of all the bars and hooks. He even taped some to the ceiling tiles over my head. What a load of crap. At first I thought it might be Christmas—I got no concept of time, so it’s a possibility—but then he began trying to explain to me how surrounding me with lights was going to provide “visual stimuli” and help me recover. Recover? Recover what? I’m in a freakin’ coma, for crying out loud; I’m not the Grinch! Then he plugged them in and I was shocked when they started blinking. The least he could have done is get some old-school, white lights but he went the extra mile and bought twinklers. Now I get to lie here and watch them blink on and off in wacky patterns and it’s really, really irritating. To make things worse he didn’t unplug them before he left. I hope to Zeus someone will come rescue me and turn them off. I guess it never crossed his mind that I can’t look away. Oh god, they’re everywhere. Make them stop…

All words and images ©2005/J. Colle

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