Entry Sixty-one: Save Me, Black Jesus

[A story in many parts: Part Twelve of Thirteen]

Chapter Eight

It’s been crazy in my room all morning. Eve’s been here and all kinds of doctor’s and nurses have been moving in and out of my sight. That made me nervous but I really got concerned when Danella leaned over my face and whispered, “You’re running out of time, Mr. C. Either you decide to respond or some decisions’ll be made for you and I’m guessing you might not dig those decisions too much.” And she wasn’t smiling.

It’s pretty obvious I’m getting put down. Eve has given me nothing in the way of information. Mom’s a wreck so she’s useless plus I haven’t seen her in a few days anyway. I know they want something from me but I got no ideas. I’m having trouble determining if I really want to stick around but am just genuinely confused or if I’m really ready to go to the next level, whatever that may be. I’m tired of thinking about it. Really, I’m just tired. I need to sleep.

All words and images ©2005/J. Colle

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