Entry Forty-seven: Sitting in the Stand.

[A story in many parts: Part Sixteen, the final installment]

As it got dark, I surmised that just as many people were praying I wouldn't shoot a deer as there were people praying I would. They seem to have canceled each other out. One lesson I learned was you don't pass up on the Thursday deer. Even though, as I looked at it through the scope I felt like I was getting ready to shoot someone's pet, I still should have squeezed off a shot. We would have had some meat to take home or at least a bruised arm to prove I shot the gun.

We ended the evening back at the lodge, eating a late dinner and then sharing our experiences of the weekend. As the evening wore down, Daryl asked dad to sing “The Lord’s Prayer” and we followed that by a group sing of “Amazing Grace.” Eventually everyone drifted off to their bunks and the hunting trip was officially over. I'm glad I took that trip. Entering dad's hunting world had been a good experience. I couldn't say that I was bitten by the hunting bug, but I was very grateful for the "dad time" that I got in. All in all, about all I killed that weekend was time…

All words and images ©2005/J. Colle

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