Daily Detritus: Day Five

“Hey, watch this.” Wade clicked on his book light and pointed it toward his bedroom wall, the one directly over his cousin Drew’s bed. He put one hand in front of the glow and eventually centered the created shadow in the middle of the light beam. Contorting his hand, he was able to create something that resembled a rabbit and both boy’s laughed as he moved it up and down like it was bounding across the room.

“Do something else.” Drew’s request was followed by a weak attempt at an alligator head but, with some slight adjustments, he was able to make the mouth open and shut using his thumb as the bottom jaw. The boy’s got another chuckle and then tried to decide what to create next. Wade’s mom had insisted they go to bed way too early, at least for a Friday night, and neither boy was near ready for sleep.

“I’ve got an idea,” Wade announced. “Watch this.” He manipulated his fingers to create what looked like a “C” and then poked his middle finger down just enough to resemble a tooth. He moved his fingers up and down in a chomping motion and added the requisite sound effects. He slowly lowered the light source and his hand toward Drew, gnashing and biting, growling and moaning until he was right on top of Drew’s head, which was now hidden under a comforter but shaking as Drew laughed and feigned fear.

With one final bite, Wade’s shadow hand encircled Drew’s head and howled in triumph. As Wade’s monster noises died down, he tried to coax Drew from under the covers.

“C’mon, man, the monster has completed his reign of terror.” Drew’s bed wasn’t moving. No laughter, no giggling, not even a snore. “Drew! C’mon, you can come out now, the monster is gone.” His request was met with silence.

Wade got out of bed and took two steps to quickly cross the space between their beds and jumped, landing on top of Drew. As Wade bounced off the mattress and careened into the wall he couldn’t believe he had missed Drew on his flop. He reached up and yanked the comforter down and saw nothing but a pillow.

Drew was gone.

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chagood1 said...

Now come on!! For REAL!! Pretend shadow monsters that could really eat people?? WHOA!! This is way too much!!

Wade couldn't believe his eyes. He rubbed them hard with the backs of his hands and looked at Drew's bed again. He pulled the covers OFF the bed, not just back to make sure Drew was really gone, and he was!!

What now!! What should I do now, thought Wade. He can't really be gone. He must just be hiding. Wade quickly looked under Drew's bed. Nope, not there. Over to the closet next. Nope, not there either. Under his own bed?!? Nope -- not there either. Behind the curtain -- nope. Now Wade was beginning to panic!

Where could Drew have gone?!? Where could he possibly be??! Was Wade really awake and all this really happening, or had he really fallen asleep and all this was just a bad dream. To find out, Wade pinched himself, "Ouch". Well, of course if I pinch myself it will hurt, I need to find someone else to pinch me. Wade tried to leave his room to ask his sister to pinch him, but he couldn't open his door. As hard as he tugged -- it was stuck. Or worse yet -- LOCKED from the outside!!

chagood1 said...

As his heart is pounding in his throat Wade grabs the handle with both hands and yanks on the door as hard as he possibly can.

Wade practically throws himself through the wall with the force he used pulling the door open, but at least it is now open!! -- Thank God!

He runs down the hall to his sisters room to ask her to pinch him and make sure he is not dreaming. If he is NOT dreaming all this, then something terrible has happened to Drew.

As his hand reaches out to grab the doorknob to his sisters room he sees a shadow puppet on the wall of the hallway heading his way.

chagood1 said...

The “C” monster with the middle finger poked down like a tooth was getting bigger and bigger, closer and closwer and making the up and down chomping motion faster and faster.

Again Wade's heart is racing and and pounding in his throat. He he going to be the next victim of the shadow puppet monster?!?!

Anonymous said...

As the panick starts to escelte and the reality of his fate beings to settle in- he hears a burst of laughter comming from arouind the corner.

"Bahahahhahaahaha! Bahahahhahaha! Oh my gosh taht was priceless!"

Wade looked over and saw Drew, his sister and her friend sarah on the floor laughing hysterically. Wade lookds over in disgust. Sightly embarassed, but the annoyance was more powering then anything.

"Really guys? that was so lame! Im going back to bed."

Walking away, Wade continued to hear his 3 freinds non stop laughter.

As he reached his bedroom, he went to push the door open and couldnt. "Man I must be exhausted if i cant even push my door open." Trying again nothing happened. He stepped back a few steps and hurled his body against the door- not even a budge. "what is going on?!"

Paige said...

As Wade reared back to catch his breath and attempt another run at his door, it slowly opens to a small crack.

Wade, relieved, went to push the door all the way open when a shadow snaked out the door. "What is up with these shadows?" Wade thought. Had he not gotten enough sleep over the past week. Had that pepperoni pizza with jalepenos tonight caused him to hallucinate?

He decided to face this seemingly irrational fear and charged into his room...only to be faced with...