Daily Detritus: Day Three

“Let me have those.” Jeff’s statement came across as more of a command than a request.

“Those cookies? Dude, I have no idea how long those have been there.” Alan didn’t look up from his computer but did nod his head toward the two ginger snaps sitting on the counter. “My roommate bought those last week and for all I know he’s using them for an experiment. I wouldn’t touch those with gloves.”

“Experiment? Heh, that’s funny—”

“I’m serious. he works at some lab that he won’t or can’t tell me anything about and is always taking trips to God knows where and is gone for two or three weeks at a time.” Alan stopped reading his screen and looked at Jeff. “I honestly would not touch those cookies.”

Jeff tilted his head and squinted, conducting an internal debate on the validity of Alan’s assessment. After 30 seconds he leaned forward and grabbed both cookies. “You are full of crap.” As he popped the first one in his mouth he added, “And I’m hungry.”

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Anonymous said...

Astonished, Alan stood quickly, only to see Jeff down the other cookie. "Oh man! What did you do?" he exclaimed. Staring, wondering what would be the outcome of Jeff's stupidity, Alan thinks back of a similar incident with another friend.

"What? It's just a cookie!" Jeff proclaims. "A little stale but it'll hold me until lunch."

Anonymous said...

Jeff chewed a couple of times, swallowed and popped the second cookie into his mouth. As he was chewing the second cookie he headed to the fridge, grabbed the carton of milk from the top shelf and before Alan could stop he, Jeff began guzzling the milk right out of the carton.

It didn't take very long for Jeff to realize that the milk was about a month old. He ran to the sink spitting everything out and began rinsing out his mouth with the kitchen sink spigot.

One may have thought that Jeff would be violently ill, but it would seem that Jeff has an what some people call and 'iron stomach.'

chagood1 said...

What happened next was truly unbelievable! To Alan's amazement, Jeff just disappeared!! GONE!

Alan jumped up from his chair and ran to where he last saw his friend Jeff. All of a sudden -- THUD!! CRASH!! Both men were in a heap on the floor.

Jeff said, "What the heck Alan. What is wrong with you Dude!

Alan jumped to his feet, backing away from Jeff's voice. His mouth hanging agape, the color washing from his face. He continued backing away until he fell into a chair as his knees hit the edge of the chair.

Dude!! I can't see you!! I can hear you, but I can't see you anywhere!

chagood1 said...

OH YEAH!! THIS is going to be fun!!, Jeff thought. The reality of being invisible hadn't hit him yet. Right now all he could think of was how fun this was going to be picking at his friend.

Jeff tip-toed up behind his friend, touched his shoulder and yelled -- BOO!

Alan just about had a heart attack! DUDE! - GEEZ! Why did you do that!

Laughing so hard he could barely speak, Jeff said - "Because I can!"

Well that's just great!! I am so glad that YOU are having so much fun at my expense. But have you stopped to think that this may be permanent! What if you never become visible again?

Laura Jean said...

"It was the cookies right? So give my body a few hours to digest and when its time im sure the invisability will work its way with the cookies. But in the mean time- lets use this to our advantge dude!"

Alan looked (or rather tried to look) at the empty space and just couldnt seem to wrap his mind around all of it. His room mate was up to something and now, more then ever he wanted to know what that was.

As his curiosity built his brain was also going rampid with ideas of what they could do in the next few hours.

"Jeff. I have an idea..."

Paige said...

Jeff hadn't thought about that...but now that Alan had mentioned it, he did. What if he was invisible forever? He could become a superhero stopping criminals in their path without them even knowing what happened. Or, maybe he could get rich letting some scientists study the effects of invisibility. The possibilities were endless!

Anonymous said...

"oh crap. what know? This was not suppose to happen. I thought I had done a good job of covering my tracts and Alan is so oblivious to practically everything I thought I was safe. Then his friend had to come in with his over zealous empty stomach. The team is going to have it with me. All that work. We evenmade the cookies look old and gross. I didnt even want to eat them. But now, here I stand in my kitchen watching my roomate and his friend ruin all the hard work. Why is jeff staring at me?"

As the thoughts of fear and panic started to escalte Adam came ot a realization. If he could see Jeff, could Jeff see him?

Paige said...

Jeff thought he had seen something out of the corner of his eye, while he was pranking Alan, but now he was positive! There was someone else in the room!!!

He was rather large with buggy brown eyes and quite hairy. He moved like a human but didn't quite look like a normal person. Not wanting to freak Alan out Jeff had to decide how to find out who this other "thing" was.

Anonymous said...

"Oh crap! I think he saw me." Gordon, the roommate thought. "How am I gonna explain this? I don't even know this guy." Gordon remained hidden in the pantry of the kitchen.

"Jeff! Jeff! Where are you, dude?" Alan was panicking. "We've got to figure out what to do. This is not normal!!"

"Alan, I'm still here. It's just that... well, hey, how about if we get outta here and go to campus for awhile? It'll be fun. While I'm invisible let's do something. It's not everyday you get to be invisible. Right?"

"Dude, this is so weird. Maybe we can find my Gordon to figure this stuff out."

"Alright! Uh... let me drive.. this is gonna be WILD!"