Daily Detritus: Day One

"You gonna answer that?" Peggy searched Owen's face for a hint that he had even heard the phone ring... six times.

"What?" Owen snapped his head toward her, his face contorted into a scowl.

"I said, 'You gonna get that?'"

"Nope. Nobody I'm intrested in talkin' to." He turned away from her and re-focused his attention on his tuna sandwich.

Peggy reached for the vibrating phone and was shocked at the quickness of Owen's hand grabbing her wrist, his grip tighter than required to impede her progress.

"No," his glare reinforcing the simple command.

Peggy returned the stare and growled through clinched teeth, "You have crossed the line and you have three seconds to return to a safer place."

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Jon said...

Owen released her, leaving a pale tattoo of his fingers on her skin.

The ringing had stopped.

"It's too late now anyway. Just let it go." Owen muttered.

"What's your password?"

"For what?"

"For your voicemail." Peggy said, pointing at the flashing indicator on the phone.

Laura Jean said...

As Owen continued to slowly chew his last bit of his snadwhich, his glare never left hers.

"why? is it really any of your business anyway?"

As Peggy held the device full of mystery and curiosity, her thoughts ran rampid of what the reasons of secrecy held.

She asked again, slwoly and firmly "What is your password?"

William said...

Knowing that this would never end until he gave Peggy the password Owen mumbled "9528"

"Hum, alright well lets see what this all about!"

As Peggy pressed each number the sick feeling in her stomach got worse. What could he possibly be hiding anyway? Owen had been a loyal husband for over 20 years, or so she thought. As the message started her worse fear seemed to be coming true...

"Owen, meet me at 4362 W. 51st at 8:30 pm" Said a young female voice.

William said...
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Roshad said...

Peggy let out a slight grin as she placed the phone on the counter. She recognized that voice but she wasn't going to let that be known to Owen. Regaining her composure, she pretended to be confused and upset. "You wanna explain this message" she said with her eyes full of tears. She had mastered the are of crying on command when she was seven years old and it always came in handy. "What are you talking about?" he said masking his fear with anger. Peggy laughed on the inside. Things were going as planned and there was no turning back now.

Anonymous said...

"I'm talking about this message" - Peggy said, her well-trained tears making mascara tracks down her face. Who is she!?! and why would you be meeting her at 8:30 tonight knowing I will be at Yeshiva tonight until late. Peggy knew the voice was that of the young woman from Jared.

Anonymous said...

"Ring, Ring"... The cell phone, my cell phone, rang again. Oh, I hope it's not her again calling me back. Peggy lifted the phone up to identify the caller and my heart stopped. "It's Jared." she said. She answered it. What is she doing answering my phone, I thought. And why is Jared calling me?
"Hello?" Peggy asked.
"Peggy??" It was Tom. "Where's Owen? I thought I called his phone?"
"You did. I'm just his receptionist today." she said sarcastically.
"Well then did he get a call from Judy? She said she was gonna call him today."

Kahlua Keeping Koala said...

Peggy hand the phone to Owen, who clearly doesn't want to talk to his estranged brother.

Anonymous said...

"Tom? What a surprise..What's up?"
"Dude! You better think quick 'cuz she's gonna figure it out!"
"Um.. sure, yeah, well we're just hanging out at Muggs talking. Where are you?"
"Listen! I told her that Judy called so you wouldn't get busted. Now you better think of some reason she'd be calling or everything we planned will be in the can."
"Ok... I have it at home. It's the sequel right, not the first episode. Right. I'll be home in about an hour so I'll have it waiting for you. Later."

Anonymous said...

Oops! I read over my first anonymous post and Tom was suppose to be Jared. confusing

Jaysephus said...

No problem, Anonymous. We'll just use our imaginations... (and probably laugh at you behind your back but you'll never know because we are at our computers and, besides, we have no idea who you are so we are laughing at someone who is no one so don't worry about it. Seriously. Don't think twice.)