Daily Detritus: Day Two

“Hurry and tear off another strip.” Angie was contorted around a rectangle package, the fingers of her left hand holding down a flap of Hello Kitty® wrapping paper, right elbow securing another and right hand awkwardly reaching toward her friend, Sabra, anticipating the requested tape.

“Chill out, dork! I can’t tear it off!” Sabra struggled with the serrated edge of the dispenser, finally ripping away a small piece of tape.

“I’m a dork? You’re a double dork! You can’t even tear the tape off right!” Sabra pushed the tape across the tip of Angie’s nose and laughed as she fruitlessly tried to reach it with her minimally free hand.

“Get it off me! I am serious! I have to finish this!”

“Okay, okay... dork!” Sabra reached over and yanked the tape from Angie’s nose, handing it to her in one arc. “Do you think she’ll like it? I mean, it’s a little weird, you know?”

“I don’t think it’s, like, weird at all. Different? Sure. But def not weird.” Angie held up the wrapped package eye level and inspected all the corners, pleased with the final product. “But we’re getting ready to find out if it’s been worth the trouble and if she’ll forgive me. Let’s go...”

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Anatomy of A Dinner Party said...

But then Angie passed by a mirror and cried, "wait!" as she examined herself closer and realized that the tape Sabra just ripped off her nose had cleared up any impurities that had been there previously. And wasn't today all about righting the impurities with her long time friend?

Kahlua Keeping Koala said...

Sabra watched as Angie departed for the afternoon with her niece. Letting her thoughts run wild, she imagined Shelly giggling riotously as her aunt showed up. The Hello Kitty paper should be a good ice breaker. Maybe that's just wishful thinking, but it wouldn't be a bad start.

Laura Jean said...

She shoved the wrapped package to Sabra and ran to her vanity where her make-up was still laid out. As she took one last look int he mirror she took a deep breath.

"Sabra- im freakin out."

Sabra looked up, walked over and as there eyes made contact in the relfection they both realized that,even in the midst of all the battling thoughts, this was necessary.

"Lets go."

Anonymous said...

"Sabra, where's that tape?" Angie cried.
"Uh, it's back in the desk drawer where I found it."
Angie ran to the den to retrieve the tape. She ripped a piece off the dispenser and put it on her chin for a moment. Making her way to the mirror she yanked the tape off her chin and gazed into the mirror.
"WOW!...Sabra!! Look!!"
With their mouths wide open, the looked with astonishment at the clear beauty of Angie's skin.
"What if I could use this somehow on Beth? I mean, do you think it would make a difference?"

Anonymous said...

Sabra put her arm around her dear friend Angie's shoulder and said, "I really do hope the Hello Kitty wrapping paper helps to break the ice." as the two young women headed off to Deborah's house -- Angie's estranged Mother.

It had been a few years since her Dad had passed away, and Angie and her Mom had not spoken very much since that awful day at the cemetary when Angie accused her Mother that her Father's death must have been her fault. She screamed - "If you had not cheated on Dad and left him, he would still be here today!" -- she could still hear those awful words ringing in her ears.

It was her deepest hope and prayer that the gift she had would help both her and her mother heal from all their past trangressions towards each other -- as God's Word had helped her so much already.

Anonymous said...

Sabra walked her friend to her car and closing the drivers side door, leaned in and hugged her friend and prayed with her -- "May the Lord be with you and with Ms. Deborah as you both venture down the road of forgiveness. May He give you the strenght you need to complete the calling He has placed on your heart, and may He go before you and soften your Mother's heart. May the scales fall from her eyes this day when she opens your gift to her and realizes how you have grown and that with the Lord - nothing is impossible - even forgiveness. -- AMEN!

Sabra kissed her friend on the forehead and waved goodbye to her praying the next time she saw her she would be able to tell her some good news.

Anonymous said...

As she drove, Angie thought hard about the words Sabra shared. She had a peace about her mom she's never had before.
"Would mom accept my apology and the gift?" Angie pondered. "Oh, I only hope and pray she...

"BAM! CRASH!" "AAAAHHHHH" The sound exploded in the air as a gold SUV failed to stop and collided with Angie's little car. She spun through the intersection hitting a corner mailbox but not before the vehicle got turn on it's side. Glass had shattered and gasoline flowed out across the street.

The moments of seemingly slow motion life had come to a stop. In the midst of such sudden panic, a quietness was in the air.