Day Four: California Trip

The idea for day four was to stay local and try to avoid a rushed and harried day. We were fairly successful, starting with a leisurely breakfast then showers and finally setting out to explore Old Town Temeculah and then tour the campus of Calvary Chapel Bible College. Tallulah blessed us with wearing the other princess dress we got her for her birthday but this time wore her black hi-top sneakers to round out the outfit. Before we began any of the walking tours we made a pit stop at In-N-Out Burgers for sustenance. The boys convinced Uncle Kyle to order "off the menu" and he ended up with a 4 by 4 (a hamburger with 4 patties and 4 pieces of cheese) and fries "animal style" (fries with cheese, onions and secret sauce on top.) Jordan and William were pleased with their prank but Kyle was brave and attacked the lunch. I'm not sure it was a great way to start the afternoon but he seemed to survive it.

We walked around Old Town Temeculah for a couple of hours and saw an old west shoot out, bought cheese and wine and laughed a lot. A major storm was blowing in so we took off to show the Kyle Colle family around the campus of CCBC before it rained. Of course, it never rained so the tour was completed successfully. Upon return to the hotel we all hit the hot tub for a long soak then gathered in the lobby to have our cheese and wine tasting party. The kids (and some adults) were still hungry afterwards so we got Mexican food take-out and ate it in the dining area of the hotel lobby. Kyle and I eventually burned a cigar out by the pool and then spent some more time in the lobby chatting with the wives and Laura. Tallulah had passed out on the floor right after dinner so we decided to let her sleep and try to plan Sunday. We never did figure out what we are going to do—I think we are going to Huntington Beach for the day—but whatever we do starts at 10 am.

As is the pattern, photos are here. Enjoy...

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