Day Three: California Trip

It is late and it has been a long but fun day. We started the morning by having breakfast with my brother and his family in the hotel lobby. We gave Tallulah her birthday presents that we had not sent her back in January on her real birthday. We gave her some dress up clothes and they were a hit because she immediately put on one of the dresses and the fancy shoes and did not take them off the rest of the day. The plan for the day was to head south and take the tour of the Taylor Guitar Factory in El Cajon near San Diego. The weather is still nasty—rainy and windy and cold— so it was a good day to be inside. We arrived in plenty of time and really enjoyed watching how they make the guitars from hunks of wood to finished pieces of art. William, Jordan and I were very disappointed that they did not give us a free guitar for being so attentive (or good looking or for having pleasant breath) but we consoled ourselves by purchasing some t-shirts.

From there we grabbed a bite to eat at Panda Express and then found a mall to wander around for a couple of hours. Mainly we watched Kyle and Shannon buy stuff which was cathartic and relaxing in a strange way. Maybe that was just me...

We then made our way to Extraordinary Desserts which had been recommended to me by several people who have visited San Diego. This place was decadent in all the right ways. We indulged in Kona coffee, red wine, cheese boards, panini sandwiches and ridiculously large desserts. I am not a good enough writer to describe them but fortunately for you, we have pictures. Along with the regular pictures of our day, I have added a set of artsy shots that Laura took today when I let her take over the camera during the Taylor Guitar tour (and a few she snapped at Extraordinary Desserts). She did a nice job and I wanted to give a set of her own to show off her skills. Come back again tomorrow for more fun and merriment with the Colles in California.

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