Day Six: California Trip

This will be a brief write up on a very long day. We were up at 4:45 am (PST) and heading to the airport by six. Thank goodness Kyle and Shannon had to be there at the same time because we would have never gotten all our luggage in the rental car. Instead, we loaded them up with our extra bags and had plenty of time after check-in and rental car returns to relax a few minutes and eat some breakfast with Kyle, Shannon and Tallulah. Today is Shannon's birthday so we serenaded her over California Pizza and McDonalds. The flight home was long. We had some celebrities on the plane with us from San Diego to Atlanta. Some of the members of Third Day were eating breakfast in the same area as us and we surmised correctly that they would be on our flight. Mac Powell (lead singer/guitar), Tai Anderson (bass) and, I think, David Carr (drums) were in first class on our plane. Kind of cool, but not real cool, just a little.

Basically it was a flight day. Long and boring. No delays, no lost luggage, no hassles; boring in a good way. The trip was fantastic and everyone had a great time. And we are all glad to be home. There are a few pictures—mainly of us eating—but no picture of the members of Third Day. it was 7 am and no one needs to be hassled at 7 am in the airport. I hope you enjoyed the updates. Technology is cool...

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Jas said...

Good to see the family back from CA.

And too bad Jordan was confused as to when rehearsal was - we could have used a drummer last night. :)