Mother's Day

Right now, my wife, the mother of my children, is sleeping in her favorite chair in the family room. It has been a hectic morning which started at the early service at church (which we required the boys to attend much to their chagrin) and was followed by lunch at Carraba's then a visit with her mother. (We supplied the lunch for her mom and her friends which was chicken pot pies and sweet potato's from Boston Market). With all the requirements out of the way, we are home and relaxing, spending Sunday afternoon as God planned it--me listening to a baseball game on the radio and her napping. This is Mother's Day, her day, and what makes my wife the greatest mother in the world (after my mom) is that she has requested we go see Iron Man this afternoon as the capper to her day. Is she cool or what?

Speaking of cool, my very own mother--69 years young--completed the 2008 Danskin® Women's Triathlon this morning at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. She is a cancer survivor (over 25 years) and was joined by my sister in the event. I am very proud of her and wanted to give her some digital love and congratulations. The women in my life are amazing...

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Krista Gibson said...

We think you're amazing too. Thanks for the props. Krista your Sista