Day One: California Trip

It goes without saying that when you travel across the country it is a long day. So I guess I don't have to say that today was a long day. (Did I just say it was a long day? Sorry...) We left Tallahassee at noon and survived a 3.5 hour layover in Atlanta. We ate at South of the Border (which Jordan referred to as "microwave Mexican food") in the airport and discovered that sometimes a Shirley Temple is made with real Coke and cherry syrup. Yum! We flew out of the ATL at 4:30 (EST) and arrived in San Diego at 6:20 (Pacific), secured the rental car and headed north to meet up with Laura on campus. The homecoming was great and the weather was fantastic—windy and cool. We met a few of her friends and then whisked her away for dinner. I grossed everyone out by ordering liver and onions at supper but other than that it was fairly uneventful. We finally checked into our hotel at 10:00 pm (1:00 am EST) and everyone but myself are dead out in bed. I wanted to get an update in before I retire and to also point you to my Flikr site to view daily picture uploads. I will admit that today's batch is fairly lame but it gave me a chance to set up the page. They will get better as the week/weekend progresses forward. Hopefully, the updates will get better as well.

Tomorrow is the graduation ceremony and Kyle, Shannon and Miss Tallulah arrive in the evening. Then things will get hopping. 'Til tomorrow...

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