A Quick Howdy

I am currently in Phoenix, sitting in my brother's soon-to-be former office at Barrow Neurosurgical Associates, waiting for him to finish his day and his fellowship. The flight was fine. Flying stand-by is always a challenge but all went smoothly from Jacksonville to Birmingham to Phoenix. We plan on heading out tonight in an attempt to get a small jump on our 1600-mile journey.

As expected, I already have some blog fodder. Traveling is inspirational if you pull your head out of your book (or magazine) and unplug your iPod long enough to observe. Some things you may be hearing about in the future:

1. Why people in airplanes think the back of my chair is a handle;
2. Exploring the possibility that there is a "width of rump" requirement for airline personnel;
3. The benefits of a breakfast cigar.

Until we speak again…

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