Ruminations from The Road

These entries will be snippets and observations from the road trip I took with my brother last week. We covered 1600 miles, five states and every subject under the sun. I'll post these as long as I can remember them. Enjoy...

Entry Four
There was a purpose behind the road trip. My brother, having finished up a Fellowship in Phoenix, was now headed to Missouri and, at long last, gainful employment. He had loaded one car on the moving truck which allowed his wife and daughter to fly to their new home but he needed to drive his new car and bring their dogs—two poodles named Penelope and Einstein. It wasn’t until we pulled off the interstate the first night into a one road town called Holbrook, Arizona that we fully grasped the visual vibe we were giving off on our travels. Two middle-aged men in a brand new red Cadillac (white, leather interior) with two small poodles in tow. After we chose a motel based on outward appearances as well as their willingness to allow pets, I mentioned my concern to my brother about how we might be perceived as traveling partners. I added, “At least we look enough alike that people will surmise we are brothers.” He responded by reminding me that as couples grow old together they tend to start looking alike. And he grinned.

When he returned to the car after checking-in to the hotel, his first words were, “The Ramada Limited is not as nice on the inside as it is the outside.” Then, as a punctuation to our earlier discussion, he told me there was a sign at the front desk that informed all customers there were “No refunds after the first hour.” There is nothing quite like living a sitcom.

Downtown/all of Holbrook, Arizona.

The winner of The Truth in Advertising Award: Ramada Limited (now with less internet!).

A dinosaur across the street from our hotel, eating breakfast.

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