Ruminations from The Road

These entries will be snippets and observations from the road trip I took with my brother last week. We covered 1600 miles, five states and every subject under the sun. I'll post these as long as I can remember them. Enjoy...

Entry Five
My shampoo was confiscated in Jacksonville. I forgot to pour some in a smaller container and got busted by TSA. As I prepared for bed in the Ramada Limited, I opened my travel Zip-lock bag and discovered my deodorant had exploded (The heat? The lack of humidity? The interesting, hard-to-define odor of our hotel room?). Without either of these items, my “overnight bag” now consisted of a nail file, a partially used mini-lotion from a previous hotel visit and my toothbrush (which now tasted like anti-perspirant, the upside being my teeth did not sweat while I slept).

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