Back and Breathing

I had a wonderful three day weekend. My parent's were in town and having adult children makes for a more relaxed dynamic with meals and visiting. The kids can sit and talk to their grandparents and that is considered entertainment. For a little while, anyway. The night still calls with the promise of movies and friends but we are willing to let them go because they have done their time with us and done it well. There was a lot of laughing and a lot of eating so I must consider the three days a success.

I want to mention one milestone that passed on Friday. July 4th marked the tenth anniversary of living in our current home. When we moved in the kids were twelve, ten and six so a lot of family history has transpired within those walls. And it is still a comfortable, pleasant place to hang out. Hope and I haven't had any serious desires to leave and as each kid moves on, the place gets a little bigger. I suppose more chances to entertain and more time to chill on the Man Porch await us still. Here's to another ten...

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mycotn said...

Glad you and the family had a great weekend. I just snagged my Man Porch deli number, and I hope to be called to the counter soon.