Ruminations from The Road (Final Entry)

These entries will be snippets and observations from the road trip I took with my brother last week. We covered 1600 miles, five states and every subject under the sun. I'll post these as long as I can remember them. Enjoy...

Entry Nine
I would like to finish up this series of posts with a few photographs I liked but couldn't work in elsewhere. I hope the captions provide enough explanation but, if not, make up something. It will probably be better than what actually happened...

My brother consuming a cold burrito purchased at a convenience store at 11 p.m. When I asked him if he wanted to heat it up he waved me off and said, "It gets all mushy and soft when you do that." God bless preservatives.

Our Native American waitress serving us food prepared by an Asian cook in a Denny's in a very small town in Arizona. God bless America.

A typical landscape in Texas and Oklahoma (including the truck). God bless the folks that think we are running out of room.

The first family portrait on the porch of the new house in the new town starting the new job. God bless this family...

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