Food Musings

I eat a lot of frozen, pre-packaged meals for lunch. Smart Ones, Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice... I've tried them all and have been eating them for years. One thing I have noticed is they smell better than they taste. If I was unfortunate enough to have had my nostrils seared shut by a blast of hot steam or a toxic chemical, my guess is I would not enjoy the little lunches as much as I do now.

(Wait a second. I don't really enjoy them. I would much rather be eating Chick-fil-a or sushi every day for lunch but budget and waistline constraints do not allow that to happen. Let's just say I appreciate the fact that I can get somewhat satisfactory meals for a pretty cheap price and that makes them palatable. I should run for office...)

The one thing that would really suck is if I could not heat them up in a microwave oven. They still print instructions on the boxes for heating the meals in a conventional oven and it takes 35 minutes! I feel really bad for people without access to a microwave oven (maybe a little worse than how I feel bad for me not owning an iPhone). I cannot imagine the disappointment one would feel after waiting over half an hour to eat ginger garlic stir fry with chicken and realize the kitchen smells better than the taste of the paste in the plastic bowl. There is no point here, people. I'm just saying...

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Laura Jean said...

you should run for office.