Reality Review: Hurl!

Warning: This is not one of my typically deep, spiritual, thought-provoking, life-changing posts. Seriously, it's not. I have to take a break every now and then and keep it real...

I finally got the opportunity to catch a couple of episodes of the new show on the G4 channel called "Hurl!" They have been running commercials for it for several weeks (which I see as I feed my "Ninja Warrior" addiction) and it looked to have some promise. The premise is this: five people have to eat a lot of food and then they are put in situations that try to make them vomit. The last person standing who has not lost it is declared the winner.

The first episode I watched had five guys eating macaroni and cheese and then having to survive rolling around in a cage/ball for five minutes. Whoever survived that had to eat pumpkin pies for four minutes and then get back in the cage/balls to get rolled around again. One guy finally hurled when they made them eat more pies while sitting in the cage/balls. The winner gets $1000 in cash and the Iron Stomach Award.

Frankly, I was a little disappointed. For one, you don't get to see the people actually barf. They cover it with a graphic of little buckets that is supposed to show how intense it is (three buckets, five buckets, etc.). The other problem was there were no girls playing. Both shows I have seen have had all male contestants. What ever happened to Title IX! I demand equal time not because I am fair or have a keen sense of justice but because watching girls throw up is a lot funnier than watching dudes. Pretty simple, really.

Two Buckets: Watch it if you want (but you will need to use your imagination).

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