Walking Stick

Tonight I was driving through my neighborhood and I spotted an older woman earnestly walking toward me. She was obviously “power walking,” her determination evident in her gait and lean. What was unusual was she had a dowel, probably a broom handle, resting horizontally across her lower back, being held in place by both her arms which were wrapped around it at the elbow. Like a prisoner in shackles (only it was obvious the positioning was self imposed and she could escape whenever she wanted). The interesting thing about the incident is that I immediately understood why she did it. By keeping the stick across her lower back, it made her stand up straight and dissuaded her from slouching. It probably helped her breathing as well as strengthened her core. Plus she could still fend off dogs if needed.

As the explanatory thoughts completed their trudge through my mind, I realized I am old. Elderly people devising wacky ways to stay fit don’t seem to phase me. Ten years ago I would have wondered what the heck that lady was doing. Twenty years ago I would have mocked her. Today, I admired her ingenuity and sent her a silent “kudos.” Heck, maybe in another ten years I’ll have the guts to join her.

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Krista said...

And yet, as your little sister, I still must put that woman on "your team".