Another Blast From the Past: Part 2

The following is the second poem and drawing of Wiggly Man. I spent some time trying to figure out if the Wiggly Man poems held some deeper meaning, some hidden gem that would enlighten and speak to us on a latent, spiritual level. Alas, I think they are just nonsense. Sorry about that.

Wiggly Man Redux

Oh, Wiggly Man is
Back in town,
He’s stoppin’
Cause he almost died
From wigglin’ his way
‘Cross the land
And eatin’
Chickens, whole and fried.

His face is shiny,
Belly slack.
Eyes are red
Sorta’ watery.
He spots my hot lunch,
Thinks, “A snack!”
Then eats it
Sans apology.

1 comment:

Jason Brookins said...

I think it speaks to the pathos and disillusionment that comes from seeking the worldly vices.

Or it just makes me hungry.

I can't decide.