Another Blast From the Past

The year was 2000 but that probably has nothing to do with what inspired the poetry that bubbled out of me about a dude named Wiggly Man. And it happened on two different occasions. They say all good (and bad) things happen in threes so, since there was never a third poem about Wiggly Man, I will have to assume he is neutral. I share him with you, my dear reader(s), because I ran across these in an old sketchbook recently and I smiled. Figured that made it worth sharing. One today, another one later. Enjoy…

I am the Wiggly Man,
Doin’ my wiggly dance.
Don’t have much of a plan,
But I got’s a wiggly stance.

Wiggly’s a way of life,
It takes a lotsa skill.
Or maybe not becuz
My dermis just won’t stand still

When I starts to giggle,
And grossin’ out the throng,
I wiggle and I jiggle,
And break out in a song.


Jason Brookins said...

I don't think it is a coincidence that all of your (alter) characters end up looking a bit like you.

Well, maybe not Mr. Goiter.

Jaysephus said...

I ma sure some psychologist would have a field day with me which is why I will not get near one. Thanks for noticing Mr. Goiter's uniqueness but I think Struma carried some minor resemblances...