Family Reunion Trip: Day Three

Monday, August 04, 2009

Numbered List
  1. Breakfast at 8:30 am
    1. Our family was late but there was plenty of food.
  2. "Family" meeting at 10:00 am
    1. There are over 50 of us so it is always interesting when we are all in the same room. Lot's of little kids but it is fun energy.
  3. "Get to Know Random Family Members Better" Games 10:30 am
    1. Run by William and Jul and it provided many, many comical, awkward moments.
  4. Lunch 12:30 am
    1. Laura and I skipped lunch and borrowed one of the canoes for a 1.5 hour tour of the gigantic lake. William and Jul were out there in a kayak and so we were not alone.
  5. Free time all afternoon
    1. We basically laid around and tried to stay cool. The weather is Africa hot and a bit uncomfortable. Even hanging around we get a chance to chat up different relatives we haven't seen in a while so it is the equivalent of a quality at bat--even if we walk.
  6. Begin the video's, talent and no-talent night along with bar-b-que dinner 5:30 pm
    1. Lots of tears, sweating, laughing, displays of talent and semi-talent, more sweating, a few more tears and a quality night for mom and dad. They were pleased which means it was a success.
  7. Back in the rooms for adult beverages and cigars on the porch
    1. Finally.

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