Family Reunion Trip: Entry Two

Sunday, August 03

Bulleted List:

  • Started with breakfast in the lobby of the hotel along with a few hundred of our closest friends.
  • Rolled north around 11:30 am and the GPS said we will arrive at 2:30 pm
  • We had to stop at a nasty convenience store so that Hope wouldn’t pee in her pants. We were almost too late but she was able to bend over and take baby steps so she made it.
  • We voluntarily stopped at a nasty Arby’s and tried to eat healthy. William refused to play and ordered three Arby Cheddar Melts. His girlfriend was displeased.
  • We arrived at Whitestone at three and were greeted by my parents, the 50th anniversary couple. The grounds are beautiful and our room is really nice, large enough for all six of us to hang comfortably.
  • Lot’s of hugging, hand shaking, laughing, eating. And more to come.
  • Dinner tonight was five courses and really good. More laughing. Loud. Silly. Fun.
  • Everyone from our clan is now in our room. Laughing. Loud. Silly. A little wine. A few cigars. Fun.

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